Saturday, July 20, 2013

Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix is Another Fun Event

I've previously written that PhD students need to take a break every now and the from their studies. Luckily, Pittsburgh is a fun city with lots of things to do. This weekend was certainly no exception, as the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix (PVGP for short) is taking place as I write this blog. I went there with my girlfriend, and it was a great break from my studies. I want to share my experiences seeing all of the cars on display in Schenley Park. I also want to share with you the race itself because I found it to be fun and exciting.

The PVGP literally occupied all of Schenley Park. The golf course was packed with racing cars of all types and makes as well as food for the spectators. I loved seeing all of the racing cars especially the vintage and classic cars. The great thing about seeing these cars was that we could talk to their owners and learn more about the cars. It was really cool. Some owners restored their cars, and other owners bought their cars and shipped them to the USA. One man showed us magazine clippings from the times that his car raced in England (by the previous owner). He impressed us with his story of him buying the car in England back in 1986, and he shipped it by plane wrapped in bubbling wrapping to the United States. It was an amazing story.

Some of the race cars were on display. If you're an auto buff, I guarantee that you would have been in heaven. There were almost every kind of vintage or racing cars on display. I'm guessing that a Corvette owners group was there because there was an entire section filled with Corvettes. The local auto dealers were there as well, as they showcased their new vehicles. Many of the dealers had contests for everyone to enter and play, and they also had free lunch areas for their valued customers.

Of course, it would be unfair of me to discuss a Grand Prix without talking about the races. My girlfriend and I went over to the start/finish section of the race, and we watched the cars zip by as they turned the corner. It was loud and exciting. We say the cars start at the beginning line and race down Panther Hollow road. After the first couple of laps, the first three cars broke off from the pack I recorded a couple of short videos showing the lead vehicles and the pack.

The race was really fun, and I had a great time. My girlfriend and I really enjoyed the PVGP because of all it had to offer. Whatever city you may find yourself in whether to pursue a graduate degree or a career, I highly encourage you to seek out fun events like the PVGP. It will really enhance your life, as you will go out and learn more about your city. Who knows, you may like the event so much that you decide to take more of an active role in it. Regarding myself, I'm thinking of volunteering for next tear's PVGP.

Yours truly,

Jonathan Becker
ECE PhD Candidate
Carnegie Mellon University