About Me

I am an Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) PhD Candidate at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) located in Pittsburgh, PA. As a PhD Candidate, I perform research for the ECE Department at CMU. My research is in stochastic optimization of anti-jamming beamforming arrays. I use stochastic algorithms (such as genetic algorithms) to optimize antenna array settings in a way that maximizes electromagnetic / radio frequency energy in the direction of a signal whose reception is desirable, and the algorithm simultaneously minimizes EM/RF energy in directions of interferers (i.e. undesirable signals that are also called jammers).

Outside of my PhD research, my personal interests include running, blogging about my PhD experiences, Weight Watchers, Pirates baseball, and going to outdoor events in Pittsburgh. I enjoy living life to the fullest because I believe that I only have one life to live.

Please stick around and read my blog. I welcome any comments you may have. Have a wonderful day!